Has your once-lucrative product turned into a bug-filled minefield? We can help.

Expert technical leadership to help your company grow, scale, thrive, and bring in the big bucks.

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Smoother systems + cleaner code + happier employees
= higher ROI

Reduce bugs, increase stability, and overcome technical debt

Develop efficient and sustainable development processes

Create an environment where your team can’t help but excel

“My product was supposed to be profitable!”

And it was. At first.
But things got messy when you scaled.
Too many bugs.
Too few competent hands.
And now — far too much technical debt.
Your employees are burnt out, disengaged, and unmotivated.
And YOUR stress levels are through the roof.

You’ve considered just about everything

Hiring (even) more programmers

Except having more hands on deck always somehow seems to lead to more bugs. And more burnout. And more money down the drain.

Promoting that nice guy from dev

Solid programmer, but he’s never overseen a single project and probably couldn’t lead a team to save his life. Plus he’s already overextended.

Bringing on a full-time CTO

Who has that kind of time or money? And will a CTO even solve your problems, or just bring in a new load of same old, same old?

Will your company ever be lucrative again?

You know it can be, with the right systems in place. With efficient tech processes. With a team of happy, motivated employees.

You also know that current workplace stress levels aren’t sustainable. Not for you or your employees.

If there was a solution that didn’t break the bank…well, Jimbo, you’d jolly well like to know about it.

Good news: There IS.

Introducing CTO2GO

People-focused tech leadership to help you run a tight, thriving, and — of course — profitable business.

“We thought chaos was just part of running a tech company”

Jeff joined our team after our CTO was called to the war in Ukraine as a reserve technical specialist. Jeff was a revelation for our team. Jeff came in when our team was fairly disorganized and unstructured in terms of running efficient strategic initiatives within our organization. Jeff quickly discovered and identified the problems within our team and addressed them accordingly. He was then able to implement structure within our team that was dearly needed. If you require an accomplished technical leader on your team, I highly recommend Jeff and his technical expertise.
Eric F.

Gain an unfair advantage over your competitors

Our process is custom designed to get you the absolute best bang for your buck. You get the expertise you need, when you need it, without any of the drawbacks of hiring a full-time CTO.

And all for less than the salary of a junior programmer.


Drowning in tech? There’s a better way

Floundering companies often try to solve their tech problems by pushing their employees even harder. Tighter deadlines. More production. Faster. BURNOUT. We take a different approach.

We believe that you get the best tech when you bring out the best in your employees. That’s why we’re as passionate about development, architecture, and tech systems as we are about helping employees feel creative and productive.

It’s also why we don’t stop at maximizing your tech — we’re dedicated to building thriving and empowering workplaces.

Office environment

What you get when you work with us

Premium Service

Dedicated, personal service with a single point of contact who is available and accessible. You’ll never be left hanging. Ever.

People-First Leadership

We care about empowering your staff as much as we do about your software. Because a happy team is a productive one.

Clean Architecture

In the 21st century, agility is key. Be prepared to adapt at the drop of a hat with clean code and well-architectured frameworks.

Systemic Change

No patchwork or treating symptoms. We tackle the root problems and improve functionality from the bottom up.

Value-Based Pricing

Predictable pricing means you always know exactly what you’re paying for. No surprise last-minute add-ons.

Here’s how we can help

You’ll get an end-to-end boutique experience no matter which way you go.

Deep Dive Only

1 month

Deep Dive & Coaching

1 month + 3 months

“Our project was struggling”

We had outsourced the project to international developers and things quickly got out of hand. We had this feeling like we were being taken advantage of and we needed help! That’s when we brought Jeff in.

Jeff quickly assessed where we were, identified bottlenecks and potential roadblocks and came up with solutions. He deep dived into this space very fast and could acquire all the relevant skills extremely fast. He always answered fast, solved problems quickly and delivered a perfectly working product. I have no problem with recommending Jeff and would work with him any time.
Joshua G

“Jeff works relentlessly to find the best possible solutions”

Jeff 'gets' the big picture, taking the time to think things through, and plan out a sustainable solution. He can rally a team toward his objective. Jeff hears all sides of a debate, and will push for what he believes to be the best outcome. When you’re in a tough spot, he will put in the extra effort to come up with a logical and creative solution.
Peter F
CEO, Staffy

"CTO2GO was critical to our success."

Jeff led the re-architecture of core products, planned development efforts, and delivered time and time again. We saw a significant reduction in bug-rate, a measurable increase in stability, and the ability to clearly track all aspects of this. It’s simple: Jeff makes things better.
Craig K
Binary Defense

Ready to see what 21st century tech leadership can look like — and do for your bottom line?