Development isn't just about coding anymore.

In the digital age, it's think forward or bust. Our unique, people-first approach to tech leadership gives you the agility you need to run a booming tech-based business.

I'm Jeff Kolesnikowicz


I grew up in Toronto, Canada, starry-eyed about technology. After all, technology was the future, and I wanted to be a part of it.

But the future isn’t built by dreams alone, and technology isn’t a miracle. It didn’t take long for me to realize that behind all the cool gizmos lurked a dark side. 

Developers may have been the brains behind the magic, but they were being left behind. They were overworked, undervalued, and constantly being treated as “resources.” As a result, they were unhappy and disengaged, and their productivity plummeted. 

I knew it didn’t have to be like that. 

I had helped build the infrastructure of companies of all sizes from zero revenue up to $500MM. Now I wanted to empower people to build the future.

CTO2GO was founded on a vision of bringing life, engagement, and efficiency back to the world of tech development. I wanted to humanize technical leadership and bring authenticity, innovation, and broad vision to workplaces that all too often overprioritize their products at the expense of their employees.

In short, I wanted to do away with the old school model of technical leadership, and introduce a better way. One that I knew would work. (And I was right!) 

I also like long walks on the beach and test-driven development.

We speak geek. And human.

My team and I bring a rare combination of tech-speak and people-speak to the world of software development and management.


You’ll have a dedicated contact person from beginning to end. You know exactly who will get back to you and when (within 24 business hours).


We guide your business based on research, best practices, and decades of experience in development, architecture, and management.

People-First Approach

We believe a happy team is the beating heart of any organization. Our approach to tech leadership includes far more than just tech.


We value and respect you and your entire team, and we make sure everyone feels that — on a gut level.


You’ll never waste time or money at our expense. Our process is clear and our workflow is designed to get you the highest ROI.


When we work together, we’re your partners, not your superiors. We believe a creative, collaborative process produces the best results.


We’re as dedicated to finding solutions as you are. We’ll pull out all the stops, and go back to the drawing board again and again, until we crack it.

Jeff always has an eye on what technology is coming next with thorough and inspiring expertise in navigating a company through the minefield. Jeff is a champion of standards, with an emphasis on readable, maintainable, and well thought out code complete with documentation on any project. Jeff always leaves the code he touches in a much better state than what it was prior with an eye on the future instead of simply adding patch after patch — a rare quality.
Nick B
Development Manager, Continued

Out with the old. You're savvy enough to know when it's time to try something new.